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Welcome to Opal Rose Home Care & Companion Services, LLC. We are delighted to serve our clients and our community. It is our duty to provide exceptional home care as well as companionship. At Opal Rose, we strive to be comforting and supportive to families during a very challenging phase of life.


Our compassionate caregivers are constantly by your side. They are there to ward off feelings of loneliness, fear, and anxiety that one can have during a health crisis or after any life-altering events. Our caregivers will happily assist you in rebuilding your independence, your strength, and your confidence while on your road to recovery.


Through gentle encouragement and heartfelt connections, we increase our clients overall health, happiness, and safety. 


Our clients have reported:

  • Decrease in fall risk

  • Decrease in hospital re-entry

  • Increase in the feeling of security

  • Increase in knowledge of medication schedules

  • Increase in happiness and confidence


Thank you for considering Opal Rose Home Care & Companion Services to assist with your home care needs.


Kind Regards,

LaShonna Samuels

Founder/ CEO

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